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In-store bar and diner, bakery and patissery corner for Coop Hypermarket

This project, developed by the Concept Division (Italy) for Coop Hypermarket in Turin, represents an iconic example of a rising trend in italian large large-scale distribution: welcoming customers in the sales outlet with a stand-alone corner next to the cash counters boundary, with a dual purpose: an all-day bar and diner serving both the store area and shopping centre, and the serve-over in-store department for pastry and fresh bakery. All functional and furnishing elements for the large selling area (approx. 110 sqm) have been custom designed to fit the existing scenario with a hint of modernity and elegance. An accurate ergonomics and flows analysis has been carried by the Italian EptaConcept team, in order to evauluate customers' occupations and optimise the internal workspace according to different services and activities during the day - breakfast, lunch, happy hour, light dinner.

Realized in