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In-store bar, bakery and patissery corner for Bennet Supermarket

For Bennet Supermarket in Cesano Boscone (MI), Italy, following the project of Bennet Retail Design, the Concept Division managed the realization of a stand-alone corner in continuity to the cash counters boundary, with a dual purpose: an all-day bar serving both the store area and the shopping centre and the serve-over in-store department for pastry and bakery. Functional and furnishing elements have been custom designed in collaboration with the customer, empowering and emphasising their brand image while maintaining their finishing and colour palette. An accurate analysis of ergonomics and flows was carried out by the Bennet Retail Design team in order to evaulate the customers' occupation and optimise the internal workspace according to the different services and activities that alternate during the day - breakfast, lunch, happy hour. Next to the corner, Bennet Retail Design team has also designed a small canteen - with seating, tables and recharging slots - allowing the customer to enjoy their lunch or snack in a comfortable environment.

Cesano Boscone
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