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The traditional market area of Auchan Les Hunaudières

We are pleased to introduce you to the 14th Auchan hypermarket of the Schiever Group launched in May 2021. With a total surface area of ​​5,000 m², it is the "convenience" type hypermarket, focused on fresh produce and food. The point of sale emphasizes local products from our regions. "Fresh, local, simplicity" This is a very innovative market area, typical of the "Market Hall" style, with high ceilings, sophisticated lighting and a large bay window. The butcher shop is the result of extensive reflection between the designers of Epta Concept, the Bonnet Névé sales department and the store management team. The approach was to work on the atmosphere of the butcher shop with the decoration of refrigerated furniture from Epta factories, ensuring they are perfectly integrated into the graphic codes of the store space. The project also concerned designing the use of this butcher-caterer area. In fact, in an effort to optimise the user experience, EptaConcept has designed the entire rear area of ​​the stand with all-stainless steel refrigerated storage furniture, as well as tables for ham slicers and other refrigerated work tables up to to the wooden block, forming part of the complete linear.

Ruaudin Les Hunaudières
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