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Fishmonger, butchery, food specialties and bakery of Carrefour Market, Rue de Sèvres in Paris.

Opened mid-January 2018, Carrefour Market on Rue de Sèvres in Paris proposes itself as a high-level store to attract affluent customers, with an extremely well-developed offer of traditional food products. Epta Concept has allowed this concept to go a step forward, fully integrating the furnishings in the decorative spirit of the store. The small tiles on the wall and the solid wood for the Epta refrigerated cabinets create a special atmosphere, just like in the traditional shops of the past. The exploratory effort of Epta Concept lies in putting the Epta furnishings at the service of the product and not the contrary. Applying the principles of retail design to refrigerated cabinets for the sale of goods, the Epta Concept team has succeeded in offering a unique soul to this unusual supermarket of 2400 m².

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